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Kennel Club Changes to the Beaten Dog Rule and entry into AV and Stakes Classes -

Changes to Showing Regulations from 1st January 2015
In November the Kennel Club announced a trial suspension of regulations affecting the Unbeaten Dog Rule and Stakes Classes.  This change will come into force on the 1st January 2015.

In summary, the suspension of the rules means that dogs who are beaten in Stakes or Any Variety (AV) Classes can still compete in the Group Judging or Best in Show Competition.  Dogs can be entered ONLY in AV or Stakes classes without having to enter a breed class first. 

The Kennel Club has issued new sample schedules for all clubs and societies to use.  FAQs for exhibitors are also available. 

UPDATE NOTE:  The Kennel Club has determined that the suspension of the beaten dog rule does not apply to Breed or Sub-Group shows.  Check the schedule to make sure you know which classes you can enter (and which you can withdraw from!)

Effects of the changes to the Showing Regulations

1.  It is now possible to enter only an AV or Stakes Class

2.  You now have the choice of withdrawing from EITHER your breed class or AV class if they clash, as you no longer have to enter a breed class before competing in AV

3.  Judges cannot take note of previous placings, so a dog may come first in a breed class, but a dog it's already beaten may be placed over it in an AV class

4.  Dogs over 12 months of age who win AV classes cannot go forward to Group Judging.  The only way for an adult dog to compete in the group is for it to win Best of Breed or Best AVNSC

5 At Open and Limited shows the following puppies are able to compete for Best Puppy in Group and Best Puppy in Show:
     Best Puppy in Breed (even if beaten in AV class)
     Best AV Puppy or any Best of award (even if beaten in another AV or breed class)
     Any puppy who competed in one AV class and who has only been beaten by an adult dog

6.  At Championship Shows only Best Puppy in Breed or Best AVNSC can compete for Best Puppy in Show

The effect of the changes may be that there are several puppies of the same breed going forward to the Puppy Group judging, and the puppy winning the group may not have won Best Puppy in Breed.

In STAND! the various routes to becoming Best Puppy in Show are shown in a flow chart to hopefully make it clearer. 

Other Changes

The Dog Show Working Party have a number of areas which they are looking at to improve attendance at dog shows.  Book mark this site for updates to the Kennel Club Dog Showing Regulations
Papillion:  Sunshoo Jeremy Fisher
Papillion: Sunshoo Jeremy Fisher
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