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The appendix to STAND! lists 208 breeds currently recognised by the Kennel Club and has a brief description of each and how they should be presented in the show ring, together with what show lead (if any) is most commonly used for that breed.  An easy reference guide for trainers presented with a new (and possibly unusual) breed for the first time.

STAND!  will also complement ringcraft classes, giving newcomers full details on how to complete an entry form, and which classes they should enter.  It explains what happens in the show ring, and what it means to be a ‘seen’ dog. 


If you breed puppies and would like new owners to show them STAND! is an ideal book to get them started, understanding the preparation that’s needed from the day they take them home (getting them used to travelling, grooming, being stood, puppy training, socialisation and starting ringcraft).  Either direct  puppy buyers to the book, or you could consider putting a copy in your puppy packs.  Contact Crowood Press for details of terms if you wish to purchase copies for all your new puppies.

The Complete Story

As well as a guide to showing, STAND! goes into how the sport started, and why we show dogs.  It emphasises the links between exhibiting and breeding healthy dogs.  STAND! explains the Kennel Club’s BREED WATCH programme, what judges have to do when judging breeds in each category, and how breeds can move between categories. 

Show dogs are pet dogs first and foremost, a point STAND! emphasises when discussing buying a puppy to show taking into account size, cost of upkeep and the amount of grooming required for presentation in the show ring. 

Please contact Crowood Press for details of terms if you would like to become a reseller.
STAND! Updates

Trish Haill - Author

Stand!  A Complete Guide to Showing Your Dog from Companion to Champion

Available to order at Crowood Press, Stand! is a complete guide to dog showing in the UK.  Also available as an e-book!

For the newcomer Stand! will give the detail you're looking for to have the confidence to attend your first show knowing what to do, and what you are there for.  With over 230 colour photos and 20 diagrams STAND! will be published on the 31st July 2015 by the Crowood Press.


A Newcomer to Dog Showing?

STAND! sets out to be your ultimate guide to dog showing in the UK.  It will take you through the very basics of showing, answering questions such as ‘How do I get my ring number?’  to the awards you can aim for up to Challenge Certificates and qualifying for Crufts.  It continues with advice on taking dogs and showing them abroad.  STAND! aims to make it easier for newcomers to get into the sport, and to give them the reason to continue attending shows as it will help you understand what the judge is looking for (and why you might not always come home with a rosette), and how those wins you do have can build up to a Show Certificate of Merit, or a Junior Warrant.

An Experienced Exhibitor?

STAND! is also a quick reference guide for the experienced exhibitor to check facts and understand the Kennel Club changes.  The book has something for everyone. 


Updates to Kennel Club Showing Regulations

Keep updated!

When the KC set up the Show Working Party in late 2013 it was with a view to bringing Dog Showing into the 21st Century, to make it more attractive to newcomers, and to retain existing exhibitors.  A series of changes are being brought in with effect from the 1st January, 2015, some for a trial period of two years.  This website will keep showgoers up to date with changes relevant to exhibtors.

Where the changes were brought in after the publication of STAND! they will be shown on this website to keep readers up to date.
Updates for Showing Regulations
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STAND! Is available for purchase from Crowood Press. 
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With pictures and diagrams to help you understand what happens in the show ring
STAND! A Complete Guide to Showing your Dog from Companion to Champion A fantastic new book that takes you through everything you need to know about dog showing, from training your puppy to showing at Crufts and even abroad!  Available in paperback or for Kindle.